When you drink daily drinking water Calkaline water for the first time, chances are that you will go through some healing crisis. Different people show different signs of this healing crisis. Here are the explanations for the five most common healing crises that many gout patients experience.

Joint Pains

The most common initial reaction felt by many gout patients during their first few days or weeks of drinking ionized alkaline water is joint pain. Some even have complained to me that the pain is even worse than a gout attack!

Whenever your body detects any free-floating urate crystal, it alarms the immune system to react to it. The occurrence of urate crystal is caused by the increase in uric acid concentration, which leads to the formation of new urate crystal. Every gout attack means that new urate crystals have formed. The inflammation cannot remove the urate crystal because it is not organic matter, such as bacteria, that can be eaten by the white blood cells. These urate crystals have in the joint. Have your ever experienced gout attack after you played intense sports that involve a lot of jumping or kicking? The strong vibrations during the game had stirred up some old urate crystals.

The same process happens if you drink too much strong ionized alkaline water within a short time. Sudden introduction of ionized alkaline water with very high alkalinity shocks the body’s biochemical equilibrium and chemically awakens the old deposited urate crystals, which leads to gout-like attack.

Sore Muscles

As the ionized alkaline water dissolves and “pull” the uric acid out from the joints, it will cause the increase of acidic toxins concentration around the muscle tissues. These acidic compounds disturb the equilibrium of electrolytes of muscle tissue and cause soreness or pain.

You can minimize the muscle soreness by doing some stretching exercise such as yoga or gently tap on the sore area to squeeze away the acidic fluid in the muscles layers. Take note, STRETCHING exercise, not tiring ones. Over-exercise can cause lactate (lactic ACID) build up. Remember, acids are your archenemies for now.

You can also apply a hot pouch on the sore area to improve the blood flow around there. DO NOT apply ice pack! That will cause the uric acid to crystalize around the muscle tissues and it can worsen the situation.

Upset Stomach

Your digestive tract is filled with hundreds of types of bacteria. Some are good symbiotic bacteria that help your digestion, whereas others are bad parasites that steal nutrients from your daily diet.

Good bacteria in the small intestine prosper under an alkaline environment, whereas parasitic bacteria love acidic surroundings. One simple way (not an expensive colonoscopy) to know which type of bacteria is more common in your gastrointestinal tract is to note the odor of the gas that you pass (flatulence). If it occurs 

frequently and has an unbearable stench, then you have an acidic intestinal environment that promotes the growth of unhealthy parasites.

At the beginning of your ionized alkaline water therapy, your digestive tract is the first contact point with the water. The sudden change of pH will disturb the lifestyle of those filthy bacteria or fungi, and there will be a mini war between the good and bad bacteria, which results in stomachache or possible diarrhea.

You should not worry about that. The discomfort will go away in a day or two; the longest I know of lasted about one week. Eventually, the number of bad bacteria will decrease to a minimum, and you will notice there is less or no more unpleasant odor in the “wind that breaks out.”

Rise in Body Heat or Fever

In some cases, people feel their body temperature rise, and it seems as though they have a mild fever during the first few days of their ionized alkaline water regimen. Again, my experience has shown this is a fairly common symptom, typically found among those with very acidic intestinal tracts.

Most of the biochemical reactions inside your body are exothermic (chemical reaction that releases energy in the form of heat). This is what keeps your body temperature at 37.°C (98.6 °F).

Skin Rash

If you have been taking allopurinol for some time, do expect the appearance of skin rash over your body after you begin drinking Calkaline water. As mentioned before, allopurinol tricks the body by suppressing the conversion of purine into uric acid. This causes the purine build-up in the liver, which eventually goes back into the blood stream to look for alternative channel such as the skin to be disposed of from the body.

If you seldom sweat, chances are that there are plenty of purines stuck underneath your skin layers for a very long time. As you begin to consume Calkaline water, which has smaller molecule clusters that improves the permeability of body fluids and that will increase the sweat rate of your body. Suddenly, the purines and toxinsunderneath your skin are awakened and rush towards the skinsurface. This sudden occurrence of high concentration of toxins on the skin surface triggers the immune reaction that causes skin rash.

The skin rash can last for days or even weeks. If you want to speed things up, you can try going to sauna or soak yourself in warm bath as often as you can to expand and cleanse the pores on your skin that could have trapped some acidic toxin within it. 

These 5 healing crises are the most common among the gout patients, but if have hypertension or diabetes, you may also experience some dizziness during the first few days of drinking Calkaline water. There are many other healing crises such as hair fall, constipation, fatigue, etc. Feel free to write to me if you feel worry or uncertain about the healing crisis you experience after you start drinking Calkaline water.