Still remember the very first time you experienced a gout attack? Gout usually flares up early in the morning. Most probably, your first gout pain hit you when you were sleeping soundly. Suddenly, you were awakened by the intense pain in your foot, a sensation similar to a sprained joint. While trying to recall when and where did you kick a hard stone, the swollen joints seemed to grow larger and more painful.

You hopped your way to look for aspirin hoping that it would take away the unbearable pain.  

A few hours after you have popped in the pill, it seemed as though it was not working in reducing the pain and inflammation. You started to worry, wondered if there is any bone fracture due to sleepwalking since you couldn’t recall kicking anything hard yesterday.

Eventually, you ended up in the clinic to seek answers and solutions from your respected doctor. As soon as the doctor saw the way you hopped into the room and looked at the red swollen joint, without the need of an X-ray, your doctor said, “Oh! That’s gout!” And then the doctor asked what you ate this last few days and gave you some brief explanation and advice on gout. He prescribed colchicine and painkiller for you. You took the pills as instructed and gout disappeared in a few days. You thought it was cured.

After a few months, your second gout attack visited. You visited your doctor again, listened to the same old consultation, and took the pills. Gout disappeared after a few days. Another few months passed by, and your third gouty inflammation attacked. This cycle repeated again and again, and a “holiday” duration between attacks became shorter and shorter, from months to weeks. Eventually, you got fed up with the doctor and here you are, reading this book.

Does This Conversation Sound Familiar to You?

The cold, hard and PAINFUL TRUTH is those medications are INCAPABLE of getting rid of the accumulated uric acid. 

In fact, they indirectly contribute to the build up of other acidic or toxic compounds in your body. This is because almost all drugs are acidic or toxic, which eventually leads to secondary illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes, or kidney failure. Not so convinced? Read on. Surely, you will soon realize how those drugs literally PLAYED TRICKS on you.

This path of treating gout is heading toward a dead end. Eventually, you will die because of either kidney failure or liver failure due to overconsumption of NSAIDs or steroidal painkillers, in the form of either oral pills or injections. You must look for other ways out before it is too late.

If you Google “alternative gout cure” or “natural remedies for gout,” most probably you will get such answers as baking soda, apple cider vinegar, cherries, or some traditional herbs. The fact is that the alternative medicine world still does not have any solid logical and proven effective solution for gout either. Go and check how they present details about those natural remedies. Most likely, you will only see blogs saying “Hey bro. According to a study by someone from somewhere from some time ago, product/remedy X can solve your uric acid problems”. If they do present a legitimate research, you will find the data lacking. Those researches are merely surveys. They are empirical and not objective. If they do have a relatively solid proof, you will find that those studies are done only to lab rats (literally, they are rats or mice). We are not rodents, right?

This has left many gout patients in constant despair and helplessness.

Forget what you’ve learned about gout before this. If it had worked, you wouldn’t be reading this book now. The fact is that 90% of the existing medical information on gout is what mystifies gout and makes it look so complicated and incurable. They earn profit by selling painkillers, and they can only sell painkillers IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE DISEASED.

If you want to be free from gout, you must first demystify gout. The first step is to unlearn what you have learned. Once you have gotten rid of the of the old perspective, open your mind to accept the new one that I’m going to share in the coming chapters.