Conventional medicine does not have the technology to get rid of the deposited urate crystals. Medicine can only use drugs to suppress the formation of new urate crystals and manage the pain.

Doctors are taught that gout is incurable, and the doctors pass the same message to their patients as well. It’s very sad and depressing to be told by a doctor that you have an incurable disease and have to depend on medications for the rest of your life.

Nine Stages of Gout

(Which stage are you at?)

Gout Is Not a Complicated Problem

Treating gout is very simple, if only you will understand the root of it. There is only one cause of gout, only one: uric acid. Pain in the joints or muscles suffered by gout patients are caused by the crystallization of uric acid that forms inside the synovial fluid in the joints. These tiny needle-like monosodium urate crystals scratch the surface of hyaline cartilage and trigger a series of autoimmune reactions and pains commonly known as a gout attack. 

High levels of uric acid in your body are a direct result of what you have put into your mouth through the years. We are surrounded by acidic food everywhere. High-protein, high-carbohydrate processed foods and carbonated drinks are all acidic.

Not only the food you eat but also your lifestyle can cause your body to produce more acids. Those who are living an “acidic lifestyle” are those who lack sleep, overwork, and are always under stress. If you fit into any of these criteria, go for a blood test now! Chances are that the uric acid reading of your blood is either on the high side or already way above the healthy range.

You might have heard people say that gout is not merely caused by hyperuricemia; it could also be caused by old age, hormonal changes, and genetic inheritance.

Old age? The youngest gout sufferer I know is only 19 years old. More than 50% of the gout patients that call my office to seek help are in their 20s or 30s. Most of the time, it is the wives of these young gout victims who have called for help because she feels sad to see her husband going through the torturing pain. It is just too young for a healthy man to have a notorious disease like gout that robs the happiness of the family.

Hormonal changes? More than 90% of gout patients are adultmales in their mid-30s and older. Isn’t that is a bit too early for themto go through hormonal changes? By the way, men do actually to go through menopause, I mean male menopause. As far as I know, a man goes through significant hormone change only when he is sexually aroused. Thus the theory suggesting gout is caused by hormone imbalance is rather absurd.

Genetic inheritance? This popular explanation is given by the medical professionals when they cannot explain why a father and son are suffering the same disease. Many hundreds of years ago, gout occurred only among the small genetic pool of rich people.

If the genetic inheritance theory of gout is true, why are there are so many people suffering from gout nowadays? Don’t tell me the rich and famous in those days had fathered so many babies that they eventually grew to become the gout-prone generation we see now. Ironically, many of the gout patients now are of lower income or poor groups who find it hard to continuously pay for the gout medication that is getting more and more expensive.

I have come across so many cases in which almost all the adult males in a family suffer from gout. That has made me wonder what is the missing link. It was after many conversations with the gout patients that I’ve finally found the answer that explains why gout shows the trend of inheritance.

If we forget about the aspect of DNA or genetics, gout is actually a hereditary disease. But it is not genetically related. I call that a “diet lifestyle heredity.” Since the day a baby boy is born, chances are very high that he will copy the diet habits of his parents. He will favor what his father favors. If the father loves high-purine food—such as red meat (think weekend family BBQs), peas, and beans—for sure the loving dad will share the delicious food with his beloved son. And that is when the seed of gout is planted. This leads us back to the one and only root of gout: high levels of uric acid.

There is only one cause of gout, only one: uric acid.

Allopurinol Does Not Flush Away Uric Acid

You might complain that the gout pain still attacks even though you have totally cut off high-purine food, which is the raw material of uric acid production in the body. The uric acid level in your blood doesn’t seemed to show any significant reduction even though you have been continuously taking allopurinol or other similar medicines.

Allopurinol is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, which suppresses the degradation of purine into uric acid. It is like blocking your car exhaust pipe with a banana. Xanthine oxidase helps rid the human body of the excessive purine by breaking it down into uric acid for disposal through the kidneys. But our smart scientists have invented something call allopurinol to interrupt that process.

Where Are Those Undisposed Purines Stored in the Body Then?

Purine is broken down in the liver. If there is too much deposited purine left in the liver, it adds to the burden of the organ and eventually leads to liver failure. In some cases, the purines reenter the bloodstream and seek alternative ways out, which is through the skin. That explains why some people experience skin problems after they consume allopurinol.

Allopurinol can prevent the uric acid in your body from increasing, but it cannot get rid of the uric acid that has already accumulated all over your body over the years, especially when it has crystallized in the joints. You will continue to suffer from gout attacks in the future if you don’t take the initiative to neutralize and flush out hidden uric acid in your body. Your gout problem is cured only after you have successfully flushed away the excess uric acid from your body. Remember, gout is curable.

“Meh.. I use febuxostat, which is more effective”

More effective? I don’t think so. Yes, it requires less dosage because of its selective properties BUT it carries the same curse that allopurinol carries. THEY ARE BOTH XANTHINE OXIDASE INHIBITORS. Sadly, choosing between febuxostat and allopurinol is like asking “Hey, where will my coffee taste better? In a blue cup or in a red cup?”

Colchicine Does not Cure Gout

So here goes colchicine, the wonder-med given as NSAIDS fail to do their job (and in some cases, Colchicine is recommended first). It worked wonders and miracles relieving you of your pain in just hours. “Ahh. Finally, a cure for my gout”. The bad news, my friend, is it will not cure your gout. Yes, it will relieve you of pain and inflammation, but for a fee.

Colchicine is a mitotic inhibitor. It disrupts MITOSIS. What is mitosis? Well, that is cell division, ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MECHANISMS HAPPENING IN YOUR BODY. That is how your cells reproduce.

What maintains the number of your sperm/egg cell? MITOSIS. You got wounded. How does the skin heal? MITOSIS again. As you age, you increase in size. MITOSIS again. What repairs the everyday damage your vital organs encounter? MITOSIS again and again.

By disrupting mitosis, you have less neutrophils to attack the uric acid crystals. This means that there will be less pain signal to be sent. You feel less pain as the brave neutrophils defending your body falls one by one, unreplaced.

Colchicine will also alter the “skeletal structure” of the neutrophils, so they will not be able to properly attack the crystals, which means that they will not send pain signals.

UNFORTUNATELY, colchicine is not a smart entity that can choose which mitosis to disrupt. Affected cells are literally random, so many of your bodily functions can be disrupted. Even your immune system can be suppressed! That is like walking out there naked at subzero temperatures.

So, if you are fine with temporarily relieving pain and inflammation (without curing gout at all) while slowly getting bald, sickly and impotent, then go ahead and use colchicine. If you are interested in taking a deeper look in the mechanism of the medications I mentioned, you can check our articles in