The answer is very straight forward and simple… Alkaline Water. Actually, the right term to use is Ionized Alkaline Water. The simple law of chemistry states that the only thing that can neutralize acid is ALKALINE! The logic is so simple until the smart scientists or doctors chose to ignore it. There are 2 ways to obtain ionized alkaline water of high pH. You can either install a unit of alkaline water ionizer to process the water the tap to become alkaline or you can choose to use active natural mineral such as Calkaline to alkalize your body.

Calkaline is a concentration ionic alkaline minerals extracted from oyster shell, seaweed, pearl, and stalactite. These materials are reduced to a size of 10 ~ 30 nanometer with modern nanotechnology. The fine powder of raw materials is then go through a patented high temperature electrolysis process to extract unwanted acidic compounds such as carbonate, sulphate, nitrate, etc. The end product is a combination of pure and very active ionized alkaline minerals.

Adding one droplet of Calkaline powder into a glass of normal drinking water will instantly turns it into a glass of ionized alkaline water with pH of at least 10 and ORP value of more than -500 mV. Calkaline water has the exact same properties of the common ionized alkaline water produced by the water ionizer.

How Calkaline Water Reverses Hyperuricemia And Eventually Cures Your Gout?

The intense pain of a gout attack is caused by the inflammation triggered by the urate crystals. There are two different stages of the problem. The short-term problem is the painful gouty inflammation; the long-term problem is the hidden monosodium urate crystals. Your objective is to get rid of the long-term problem, but it takes time to dissolve and flush away the uric acid from the affected joint. If you want to get rid of the intense pain fast, deal with the inflammation first, and the most effective way is with the help of NSAIDs.

To deal with the urate crystals, you must first have a clear picture of the pathway of the uric acid accumulation in your body. The excess uric acid is the direct result of your diet habits over the years. The high-purine, protein-rich foods you have eaten have increased the uric acid in the blood plasma, which seeps into the interstitial fluid before ending up being stored in the synovial fluid.

The good news is that it is going to take a much shorter time for Calkaline water to reverse the process, thanks to the small molecule cluster and actively charged properties of this active water. This enhanced permeability circulates all around the body to bring in the alkalizing minerals and carry out those neutralized wastes. 

In my experience with thousands of gout patients, most of them have experienced obvious and healthy reductions in their bloodborne uric acid level after drinking ionized alkaline water for just one month!

But wait! Don’t get too excited right away. The damages that those harmful acidic oxidative wastes have done to your body could have reached deep into the joints. Getting rid of the uric acid in the blood can be very fast and direct, but to actually remove the root of the problem (urate crystals in the joints) is going to take some time. 

Maybe your blood uric acid level will return to normal healthy level in just a few months with the help of ionized alkaline water. But do not take things for granted and start eating and drinking like nobody’s business. You will have to continue your ionized alkaline water drinking habit as long as you want to clear your body from those toxic wastes and maintain an optimum state of health. This should allow you to continue to enjoy everyday life.


Do not expect a glass or two of ionized alkaline water to take away your gout pain instantly. If you are currently suffering from a gout attack, you will have to take colchicine or painkillers to manage the pain.

This process takes time. It has taken 10 or years or longer for those acids to accumulate to the toxic level they possess today. Therefore, you should give yourself at least one or two years to clear them all out with the help of ionized alkaline water.