Congratulations for taking the time to read this far in my book. I hope what I have shared does help you to better understand gout and have a fundamental understanding of ionized alkaline water. Ionized alkaline water may be something very new to you. It is completely OK and normal to feel skeptical about ionized alkaline water as a therapy for a disease that has been around for centuries with no cure.

No one can convince you better than you can. The only way to find out if ionized alkaline water works is to try it for at least three months. Anyway, it is just water that is clear, clean, and safe for drinking. It is many times simpler and safer than those high-tech pharmaceutical drugs.

When you try to solve a complex mathematics problem, do you make it more complex by adding more variables? Of course not! The only way to solve a complicated equation is to rule out all the unnecessary variables and simplify it until only one unknown is left; then you solve the problem. And ionized alkaline water is the simple and effective solution to your complex gout problem.

Conventional medicine is like trying to assemble the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle without actually seeing the picture. It is full of trials and errors, and it is going to be a never-ending process.

Now you have been given a blueprint of the gout problem and have been presented with a logical and proven solution to this predicament of hyperuricemia, all you need to do is give yourself a chance to follow through with the drinking water program.

Don’t Take It for Granted

The purpose of going through ionized Calkaline water therapy is to rinse out the toxic waste that has accumulated for years. It should not be taken as an antidote or a protective shield against any highpurine or high-protein food diet. Ionized alkaline water is not a replacement for vegetables. You still need to eat plenty of greens and maintain a well-balanced diet. The perfect ratio is 12.5% meaty protein food and 87.5% plant- based food. Why is this? Well, consider for a minute your teeth. God gives us 32 teeth, 28 are fl at (herbivorous) and only 4 are sharp canines (carnivorous). Therefore,

28/32 x 100% = 87.5%.

Not only our teeth but also our digestive tract is at least 80% herbivorous. We are born to eat more plant-based food than meat and other proteins. Our body often cannot digest those excess high-protein foods.

Millions of years of evolution or natural selection have created the physical characteristics that humans now share. But in the past 200 years, our environment has changed many times faster than what our natural process of evolution can keep pace with. It’s your choice to be in harmony with the nature of your body or not.

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Last but not least, I would like to wish you and your family great health and to live happily all the time!

Say good-bye to your gout!

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Hemen Ee